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Fluxwrap™ can chill materials in drums, totes, tanks and all manner of vessels, even when a heat exchanger is not currently present. The proprietary, multi-channel fluid path allows maximum flow of the cooling liquid with minimal pressure. The wrap conforms to the container shape and maintains thermal contact over uneven surfaces--creating full coverage cooling. Do you have a need for cooling and heating? Simply change the temperature of the Fluxwrap™ fluid, and you have an effective medium for heating. Fluxwrap™ is a versatile fluid temperature control solution.
This product combination works especially well for transportation, manufacturing, spray foam, motor, fermentation, welding, and biomedical industries with products ready to ship for tank, drum, and tote cooling. Draw heat away from the container and lower the temperature of the contents within.

Proprietary multi-channel fluid path creates maximum flow with minimal pressure

Elastic strap design ensures good thermal conductivity between blanket and drum

Blanket conforms to drum or tote to maintain thermal contact over unever surfaces

Lightweight compact design

Full coverage cooling and the option for full coverage heating when adjusting fluid temperature

Comes standard with insulated wrap for thermal control and to reduce condensation

Combine Fluxwrap with North Slope air-cooled water chiller systems

maintain temperatures as low as


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