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Laser Chillers

Due to the high temperatures that come with laser use, industrial laser chiller systems are a must to mitigate the heat and stabilize equipment for optimal laser performance. Laser coolers help extend the lifespan of equipment by preventing overheating. Maintaining consistent temperatures will also preserve the accuracy of the laser for longer periods of time, reducing inconsistencies throughout a project.

Typical laser chillers use a closed loop chiller system to pump water through channels in the laser machine that keep critical components from getting damaged. Use our chiller selection tool to help you find the right size chiller for your project.


  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Protect critical materials
  • Maintain essential temperatures in harsh environments
  • Enjoy peace of mind
  • Prevent waste
  • Same time and money

Made to Order

At North Slope Chillers we don’t stock a large number of chillers with preset options. Preset, per-manufactured chillers are not sufficient for the laser industry. Instead, we take the time to address the needs of individual partners and then make each chiller to order. In addition, each custom chiller is manufactured in half the time of the industry standard.

We Can Chill It

North Slope Chillers offers a chilling solution to your industry that is not found elsewhere. We can chill chemicals in drums, totes, tanks and all manner of vessels even when a heat exchanger is not currently present. The Fluxwraps allows chilling to be applied to many vessels that were previously not able to be chilled or weren’t financially feasible.