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Often, a cooling solution requires engineering expertise and custom attention. As a premier industrial chiller manufacturer, North Slope Chillers is happy to create the complete cooling solution to quickly meet your needs. North Slope Chillers’ world-class engineering team solve every kind of temperature problem from simple to very complex. Our expertise guarantees satisfied customers in a very short turnaround time.

Available in 3 Performance Levels


Frost by North Slope Chillers is a light industrial chiller ideal for non-critical applications. It can operate down to 45°F fluid temperature. If you are looking for an economical and reliable cooling solution that does not need to operate constantly, Frost is the chiller for you.

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Freeze by North Slope Chillers is our standard, industrial grade chiller ideal for continuous critical cooling solutions. With a robust condensing unit, stainless steel reservoir, and high horsepower pump, Freeze is a dependable and powerful industrial chiller that will do the job well. This chiller can cool fluids between 42°F-80°F.

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Deep Freeze by North Slope Chillers is an industrial grade chiller similar to Freeze, except this chiller’s temperature range is 10°F-60°F. All internal components of Deep Freeze are insulated to enhance efficiency. If you need a liquid cooling system that is both reliable and as cold as it gets, look to Deep Freeze.

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Fluxwrap Does Double-Duty


North Slope Chillers' Favorite Accessory


Change the way you approach temperature control.
Use Fluxwrap for your critical temperature applications.

Fluxwrap by North Slope Chillers is a convenient and simple temperature solution that’s not afraid of double-duty. Whether you seek to heat or cool, liquid circulates through Fluxwrap, regulating the temperature of your containers and equipment and providing consistent temperature control.

Who Needs to Chill?

Process Cooling

When the need for process cooling arises, there are several questions that need to be addressed. Is your state-of-the-art system producing unacceptably-high heat along certain points in the process? What kind of a refrigeration or cooling system do you need? What is your budget? No one wants to remove an entire system to solve this high heat dilemma. When materials or systems overheat, you are risking damage to the materials and/or the equipment itself. North Slope Chillers specializes in process cooling systems and will work with you to create the most efficient set up for your process.

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Food and Beverage

Heat is an important part of the fermentation process; however, if heat enters the process at the wrong time, or lasts for too long, undesired flavors and aromas develop. Where brewing is concerned, countless substances containing sugars are broken down by the fermentation process and converted into alcoholic drinks. Successfully controlling the temperature during the fermentation process ensures the finished product has the correct flavor.

In addition to the effect of heat on fermentation, food, when exposed to warmer temperatures immediately begins to age and spoil. Controlling the temperature of food and beverages will greatly extend the life and quality of both products.

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Chemical processing is a demanding industry. The level of exactness in the processing and handling of chemical requires reliable equipment that will meet extreme processing needs and withstand the rigors of harsh industrial environments. One of the most challenging aspects of processing, handling, and storage of chemicals is maintaining consistent temperatures. Organic chemicals are particularly susceptible to thermal degradation due to exposure of being in hot environments. Epoxies, paints, cements, and many organic compounds are commonly stored and used in warm manufacturing plants and facilities. Protect your chemicals and critical materials with North Slope Chillers.

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Before curing plastics are more fluid. The plastic industry is one of the largest and most important industries in the world. It affects nearly every aspect of our lives, from food and medicine to entertainment and aerospace. Plastics enhance and enrich our lives.

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