North Slope Chillers


The plastic industry is one of the largest and most important industries in the world. It affects nearly every aspect of our lives, from food and medicine to entertainment and aerospace. Plastics enhance and enrich our lives.
Process engineers that work in plastics know that cooling effectiveness during extrusion and molding can be the difference between a commercially viable product or a misshapen pile of expensive spent polymers and dissatisfied customers. Achieving a sufficiently cool temperature is only part of the solution. The other part of the solution is the ability to correctly maintain near perfect temperature conditions. This requires equipment that is engineered for long term, consistent performance and controls that can be monitored and modified at all times. North Slope Chillers offer efficient and effective cooling and temperature control required by the plastic industry.


  • Biotechnologies
  • Semi-Conductors
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturing
  • Electronics


  • Injection Molding
  • Blow Molding
  • Vinyl Dip
  • Compounding
  • Compression/Transfer Molding
  • Calendering/Roll
  • Thermoforming/Vacuum Forming

We Can Chill It

North Slope Chillers offers a chilling solution to the chemicals industry that is not found elsewhere. We can chill chemicals in drums, totes, tanks and all manner of vessels even when a heat exchanger is not currently present. The Fluxwraps allows chilling to be applied to many vessels that were previously not able to be chilled or weren’t financially feasible.