North Slope Chillers

Process Cooling

Is your state-of-the-art system producing unacceptably-high heat along certain points in the process? No one wants to remove an entire system to solve this high heat dilemma. When materials or systems overheat, you are risking damage to the materials and/or the equipment itself. Industrial cooling solutions can be big and expensive.


  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Protect critical materials and equipment
  • Maintain essential temperatures
  • Enjoy peace of mind
  • Optimize processes
  • Save time and money

Made to Order

At North Slope Chillers we don’t stock a large number of chillers with preset options. Preset, per-manufactured chillers are not sufficient for the chemicals industry. Instead, we take the time to address the needs of individual partners and then make each chiller to order. In addition, each custom chiller is manufactured in half the time of the industry standard.

We Can Chill It

Fluxwrap cooling jackets can be sized for specific fermentation tanks. These jackets use a chilled water source to draw heat away from the fermenting product. They provide consistent, cooling results, and can be applied to almost any tank. They require little to no cleaning and pose no contamination hazard.