Cooling During Injection Molding

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Injection molding is a manufacturing process wherein raw materials, most commonly thermoplastic resins in pellet form, are consecutively melted, remolded and cooled. This manufacturing method is typically used in mass-production processes were the same part is being produced thousands or even millions of times in succession. The components made through this process can be found on almost every product that you encounter– from automotive products and electronics to housewares and food packaging.

Cooling during Injection Molding

In the injection molding industry, cooling covers an average 95% of the cycle time. After the end of the first stage of injection, the rest of the molding sequence is cooling. Processors, however, often disregard this critical phase of molding, which can result in a large loss of profit.

While heating and cooling are both extremely important during injection molding, cooling is much more critical. It is more difficult to ensure that cooling happens at an even, uniform rate and results in a high-quality product. When cooling is taken seriously and proper cooling tools are in place, manufacturers can reap some impressive benefits.

Benefits of Focusing on Cooling

Save Time and Money

When you have the right tools to heat and cool more quickly, the production process can be completed in just a matter of days and requires fewer raw materials. This has the potential to save some serious money, especially on high volume production projects.

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Product Uniformity

Having conformal cooling channels allow the coolant to access all part locations evenly. This can reduce the presence of any thermal stress defects such as warpage, sink marks, weld lines, etc.

Chemical Consistency

Cooling is vital because the thermoplastic resin doesn’t like to be molten for a long time. If this happens, changes in its chemical make-up will degrade and the plastic might become unusable. Utilizing a high-quality cooling solution will help ensure product integrity.

Scrap Rate Reduction

Efficient cooling reduces scrap rates. Temperature variation is minimized via conventional cooling channels. This helps ensure consistent, reliable, high-quality product.

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