Laser Chillers: Using Chillers for Laser Cooling

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Lasers are an essential part of delivering high-speed, pinpoint accuracy in both general and specialized industrial applications. When it comes to these technologies, installing laser chillers for laser cooling provides incredible value to the operation.

Utilizing chillers keeps industrial lasers at constant temperatures; this allows the lasers to reach maximum performance. Lasers operate at extremely high temperatures. Temperature regulation removes heat from the system which prevents the overheating of critical components. Additionally, this temperature regulation drastically extends the lifespan of lasers.

lasers being used in military development

Laser chillers are regularly used in a variety of applications including metallurgy, welding, thermal spray, polishing, spindle, laser cutting, induction heating and ovens, deep draw presses, grinding, fiber optics, and PCB drilling. Specialized applications include cosmetic treatments, military grade lasers, and medical technology treatments.


Let’s take a quick look at the specific benefits of using chillers for lasers:


Sustain Constant Laser Wavelength and Power

Output wavelength and power are quite temperature sensitive. Using chillers for lasers will keep these elements consistent. This will ensure reliable laser performance. Moreover, keeping wavelength and power well-regulated will increase the life of lasers.

Remove Waste Heat

As mentioned above, lasers generate significant heat output. Chillers sufficiently cool lasers to eliminate unnecessary waste heat. This ensures steady temperature, flow rate, and quality with laser equipment.


Achieve Desired Beam Quality and Prevent Vibrations in the Laser Head

In some laser applications like welding, uncontrolled heat rates commonly result in lowered beam quality and vibrations in the laser head. Proper temperature control maintains the shape and beam of the laser. This, in turn, reduces scrap rates.

Lessen Thermal Stress on the Laser System

Drastic changes in temperatures put a great deal of stress on operating systems. Using chillers to cool laser systems reduces this stress. That means significantly less defective productions and system breakdowns.


Achieve Higher Production Value

Laser systems are sensitive; the exceptional heat that lasers generate will most definitely lead to unexpected downtime, faulty parts, and lost profit if the proper temperature control steps aren’t taken.


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