Frost Portable Chillers


This non-industrial portable chiller system is a fantastic entry-level unit if you are ready to test the waters with chilling. Ideal for single container/application chilling, Frost pumps 13 liters per minute at 18 psi. Frost’s fluid temperature range is 45°F – 85°F, and allowing for a 10°F differential, it will cool contents down to 55°F with ease.

If you are looking for a small chiller with the advantage of being portable and economical, Frost is your go-to portable chiller unit.

Learn about our Frost portable chillers:

1/4 Ton Chiller1 Ton Chiller


  • Entry level chilling

  • Temperature range: 45°F - 85°F

  • Non-industrial pump

  • Ideal for single container chilling

  • Easily portable chiller

  • Submersed copper coil evaporator

  • Plastic reservoir

  • Available in ¼ ton and 1 ton models

Determining Chiller Size