Hydroponics and Marijuana


  When it comes to growing marijuana, hydroponics is an attractive option for growing high-quality buds. A hydroponics setup tends to produce plants quickly (relative to traditional growing methods) and can be used in just about any sized space. Additionally, utilizing hydroponics allows growers to precisely control the nutrients the plants are receiving; this, in turn, can result in bigger, … Read More

No Soil? No Problem! An In-Depth Look at Hydroponics

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Hydroponics is a popular (and rapidly growing) horticulture method that involves growing plants without soil.Thanks to years of research, there are several hydroponics setup options today. Success in hydroponics is achieved when root health is carefully monitored. Hydroponics is derived from the Greek words “hydro”, meaning (you guessed it) “water”, and “ponos”, meaning “labor. Put simply, Hydroponics is a horticulture … Read More

Selecting the Correct Chiller for Your Needs

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Put simply, industrial chillers help keep systems and supplies cool. Unwanted heat can cause downtime, wasted materials, slow production, and, consequently, smaller profit margins. Chiller systems remove unwanted heat and keep things running smoothly, even when temperatures are high. Chillers are used in a variety of applications including: Process Cooling Food and Beverage Production Chemicals Plastics Printing Welding EDM Lasers … Read More

Best Temperature for Hydroponics

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Hydroponics is an agriculture method that involves growing plants in something other than soil. There are a few different approaches to hydroponics. Sometimes the roots are supported in perlite or gravel. Often, however, no growing medium is used; plants are suspended with their roots immersed in the nutrient solution. The key difference between traditional growing methods and hydroponics is how … Read More

Laser Chillers: Using Chillers for Laser Cooling

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flickr.com Lasers are an essential part of delivering high-speed, pinpoint accuracy in both general and specialized industrial applications. When it comes to these technologies, installing laser chillers for laser cooling provides incredible value to the operation. Utilizing chillers keeps industrial lasers at constant temperatures; this allows the lasers to reach maximum performance. Lasers operate at extremely high temperatures. Temperature regulation … Read More

Types of Chillers

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Chiller units are refrigerant systems that aid in cooling residential/commercial spaces, machines, industrial operations, and industrial chemicals. These units are energy efficient, cost-efficient, and time-efficient. Without these systems, production objectives often cannot be achieved. Chillers fall under two main categories: vapor compression and vapor absorption chillers. vapor compression chillers use an electrically driven mechanical compressor to force a refrigerant around … Read More

Chiller Maintenance: Repairing or Replacing a Broken Chiller

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As much as we’d love technology to run at maximum efficiency 100% of the time, regular wear and tear can lead to malfunctions. If your business owns or regularly uses a chiller unit, it could be helpful to familiarize yourself with these chiller repairing and maintenance steps. When it comes to water chiller repair and maintenance, it is necessary to … Read More

How EDM Cutting Technology is Helping to Create Innovative New Products

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What is EDM? EDM (electrical discharge machining), also known as spark machining, is a manufacturing process used to obtain a specific desired shape in metal by applying electrical discharges(sparks). There are a few different types of EDM including sinker EDM, wire EDM, ram EDM and fast hole drilling EDM; all of which are primarily used for hard metals that would … Read More

Keeping Chemicals Cool

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If your business or organization regularly works with, stores, or manufactures chemical products, you’re likely familiar with chemical hazards and proper safety protocol (We’re willing to bet you’ve been through one or two chemical safety courses as part of your training). For those who aren’t as familiar with chemical handling, it’s important to remember that an important part of safe … Read More

Welding Chillers and Heat Management During Welding

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Welding is a common procedure used to join two or more pieces of metal for use in a wide range of applications. The process can be done at outdoor locations (e.g. farms, highways, construction sites) or in an indoor setting, typically shops and factories. [read: An Introduction to Welding] Welding requires the following components: metals to be joined, a heat … Read More